WP FreshStart v3.0 review and bonuses up to 1.2 mil PLR articles for your content

Ok so what exactly is WP Fresh Start. Well its a WordPress plugin that lets your site get a fresh start (I guess that’s obvouse though). Well actually its much more than that, in fact it has two main functions.

WP Fresh Start is a product that is a bit unique in the IM world. It aims to be a quality tool, that saves people time, by automating an otherwise time consuming task that anyone with a WordPress site has likely had to do at some point.

WP Fresh Start steps in here as a well by allowing you to start your site over, from scratch with a push of a button.

Simply check the options you press and want run. The plugin will not only delete all the garbage content that comes with WordPress it will also create the standard legal pages that you select such as disclaimers, TOS, and anti SPAM policy pages. It really does not get any easier than that.

The second thing that WP Fresh Start does is more related to the fresh start part. Its also something that I personally needed myself recently.

This is the 3rd version of WP Fresh Start. The fact that the developers keep updating and improving it shows that its not one of those quickly spit out cash grab, forget it after the launch type of products.

WP Fresh Start makes this super fast and push button easy.

You can probably guess by now that I really like WP Fresh Start.

From all of the plugins I have tested there where hundreds of pages, conflicts, and all kinds of craziness. It was getting so bad that I was starting to have problems with testing new plugins on it. It was the perfect place to test WP Fresh Starts ‘InstaReset’ feature.

They will have tons of plugins that they have long since forgotten what are for and may even cause conflicts or errors on their site. In short people will find that their site is a total mess and will just want to start over from scratch.

If you have done it before you know there is actually a bit of work even after you get WordPress installed. While these are menial tasks they are also a bit and a pain time consuming.  I have set up more WordPress sites than I care to think about and still it takes me around 15  – 25 minutes or so to do these things.

fresh start 3 fb

With WP FreshStart In two seconds it was like a clean install of WordPress. The theme was reset to the default WP Theme. The plugins that I had tested and left installed where not deleted, but they where all reset, cleared and deactivated.

The normal way to do that is to delete the WordPress files and database and reinstall everything from scratch. For the people who don’t know how to use cPanel to delete a database, or FTP to delete files this is a problem. For the people who do know how to do it, its still a time consuming pain.

You can probably guess by now that I really like WP Fresh Start. It takes a task that is common for people using WordPress, that is quite frankly normally a pain in the a & # and makes it super fast and painless.

When you grab WP FreshStart v3.0 from my link you’ll get the usula bonuses ( as usual you can select 3 bonuses for the FE offer and 3 bonuses for every OTO you buy – from my bonus page HERE ) you can also get access to my PLR article Collection so you can have content for your new or fresh sites for a lifetime – for the FE offer i will give you access to 223.000 articles and if you buy the developer version to i will give you over 1.200.000 articles ready to spun , rewrite a little bit if you want and use. I am selling this packs for 89.99 ( you can see it here ) but you can have it for FREE

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