Hi guys

i got a lot of questions about what i’m using where and for what so …. here it is

My lates love in this domain is the Social AutoBot 

Cool piece of software that helps me to grow my fb and Instagram take a closer look HERE



Right after SA my favourit WP Plugin  just take a look to the sales video fo 3 minutes

You can  Grow FanPages in ANY NICHE on AutoPilot,  Add 1000s of NEW REAL FANS Every Week and it is  100% Automated, Set and Forget.

You can acces the Sales Page HERE 

If you’r promoting affiliate offers. than you must use a cloking software , i like the Easy Link Cloaker but you can choose something else, imortant is to cloak you links



An image worth 1000 of words so i use images on my posts on fb , tweeter …… all over the social media. But not just images ……. clickable imagies, take a look and you’ll undertand why my pictures convert better than a regular picture share



If a picture worht 1000 of words than a video ……… lets just say that can brng the heat  , that’s is why i use a lot of videos in my posts and for that i use VideoAutoClick and redirect , why? just because after the video is posted on my social feed and watched, the video redirects to my desired link …..  take a look


If you need proxies ……  i use HMA


 My NR1 Amazon Store Plugin – Associat Goliath 5.0 – you can have your own amazon Store in 5 minutes



Also as a PopUp delivery and still for Amazon you can take a look at AzonFlyBox

Realy cool 2 or more topic related products will be listed , you can customize you popup looks , place and if you have the OTO you can have 90 cookies to. Take a look who knows…



My favourite Video Monetisation Plugins :

Video Overplay is the must have WordPress plugin if you have, or ever plan to put ANY videos (yours or someone else’s’ video) on your blog.

video overly


Video TurboStore

You must see to belive what kind of cool thing this litle plugin can do for your videos



more to come later ……keep an eye on the page or use the OnLine Chat from the bottom of the page :)