Email Jeet

What’s better than 10K visitors on your blog?

Are you panicking? Well, I am because I know Google hates SEO
and step-by-step they are eliminating every single SEO trick
that has ever been discovered or can be discovered.

That’s why I think it’s a good idea to not have all the beans
in the SEO basket. You should have an alternative… A plan B.
Check out list building. If you aren’t already building a list
you’re really hurting your business.

The MONEY is in the list. As a marketer I can’t count the number
of times I’ve heard this… And I personally that it’s true.

The problem is… A web based autoresponder is really hard to
manage… It’s complicated and it’s picky, but everyone had to use
it because there was no desktop based software.

 There is one now. check out Email Jeet 


This software is a lifesaver for newbies and experienced marketers
alike. It gives you the power to mail your list right from your
desktop! That’s so accessible!

# Just feed it a list, and it can mail.
# Connect with any professional mail service or SMTP
# Advanced features like Throttling, and scheduling

It’s just launched, and it’s on a special promo right now so you can
grab it for a seriously low price. I mean more than 75% off the
actual price after the launch.

So if you are ready to make list-building a revenue source for yourself
and prepared for some extra money on the side… This software is just
the tool you need.

Don’t forget to watch the demo! 

Currently, there’s nothing like this in the market. No desktop based
product that can do this… And certainly not one at this price.

Grab it while the offer still lasts!

P.S. If you’ve gotten till here without watching that demo, just stop everything and watch it. You’re going to love what you see.


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