How to get Unlimited Fans Automated Content and Engagement For Any Fan Page You Have


Now You Can Get Unlimited Fans + Automated Content For Any Fan Page You Have…

Imagine getting 100s of new Fans everyday, without doing any work.

Imagine having all your Fanpages on COMPLETE Autopilot.

Imagine being able to take your content VIRAL…in just 10 seconds.

Imagine spending seconds (instead of HOURS) setting up your fanpage campaign.

Think of getting more sales, more amazon commissions and more clicks to every offer you post..

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What would it feel like to be able to get 100s of comments on every post on your Fanpage?

Fan Marketer Automatically goes to work and starts getting you  REAL Targeted Fans on 100% Autopilot.


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Everyday, more people are turning to social networks NOT just to check out cat videos …

But to actually BUY stuff. Recent studies show that social platforms have a huge impact on purchase decisions. They’re catching up to top search engines in terms of influencing buyers.

70% of buyers head to Pinterest BEFORE deciding what to buy.

How do we turn this shift into our advantage?

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Pindrill is a cloud­based software, the 1st of its kind to monetize your social media accounts for you.

Here’s a summary of what it does and how:

=> the software scrapes your existing blogs, sites or eCom stores, then creates engaging image style posts out of every article or

=> works with WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Etsy, Tumblr & Blogger

=> even if you DON’T have a blog or store, you can create posts from inside the dash to promote affiliate or CPA offers

=> then it spreads your ‘rich pin’ style posts across ALL your social media networks ­ including FB, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn,
Pinterest & Instagram

=> publish posts immediately or schedule them to drip feed content

=> and this brings floods of fresh, targeted traffic straight to your offers

There’s nothing on the market even close. Pindrill monetizes your accounts and automates the process.

eCom vendors can literally have entire stores duplicated and shared across social media in minutes.

Affiliate & CPA marketers can get in front of targeted traffic at zero cost.

Complete beginners can start making money from scratch.

There’s all kinds of proof on the page, as well as a demo video showing you exactly how it works.

> This Is The Future Of Social Media Profits!

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