If you are looking to make your websites or blogs more personal and attractive, I have found a software that will do just that for you.

I have tried it myself and if you know how to point and click a mouse, you will know how to use Avatar Genie Pro. It is so easy to use it as there is no technical skill involved.

If you are running a business and want to make your website unique and appealing for your visitors, you don’t need to engage designers to create mascots and custom avatars anymore….because Avatar Genie Pro is your solution.

Does the software does all the things that it claims to do? I test drove it and here is my verdict about Avatar Genie Pro.

Here is my short review about it :

The first thing that impressed me is the end results that I could potentially get with a bit of creativity. The sample avatars shown are really appealing and attractive. With loads of permutation of hairstyle, clothing, gesture, facial expression and more, each avatar will ultimately be unique.

I am really a non-techie person and I really had difficulty using software like Photoshop to do my graphics. But with Avatar Genie Pro, basically it is a point-n-click software. You basically go through every part of the avatar and select the various aspects of the avatar you want to represent. Yeah…just point-n-click…there is nothing to it. If I can do it, everyone else can.

Not only that. Since it is a cloud based software, I did not have to worry about complicated downloads and updates. I was given a login URL and with a password, I was all ready to design my avatar.

The other thing that impress me was the quality of the image. They are all in high definition and is exported in PNG format. If you are a business owner, this aspect is crucial and I am glad that the creators have got you covered as well.

The quality is good enough for you to use in your videos, marketing materials, product covers and your presentations if you so wish.

I really cannot find anything negative to say about Avatar-Genie-Pro. The question you may ask is that whether you would really need it if you are not a business owner.

My answer is yes….if you are looking to make your websites and blogs more attractive and “cool”. And heck for the price that you pay to get lifetime access, it is way cheaper than buying a graphic software like photoshop. On top of that, it is so easy to use. For that alone, I would give this software a shot.

There is a demo video on the sales page to demonstrate the simple steps of using this software. Why not check it out for yourself?

Want more info ? You can find it HERE !


Affiliate marketing is a competitive game. And the winners are usually the

ones that control the most traffic.


People with big lists, tons of authority, blogs and review sites – basically, those

that have been in the business for a long time.


Want to make big-boy commissions even if you’re brand new?

Watch this :


This is great because it not only drives traffic to your offers for zero cost …

But finds you the most ENGAGED, targeted visitors in your niche.


And works on complete autopilot 24/7. Plug it in, define your market, press

  1. It’s that simple.


Beta testers of the software are growing their audiences by hundreds of

people PER day and turning that traffic into sales.


The creator is including VIP training on how to earn quickly and SCALE,

based on the software and the 6 figure businesses he’s built on Instagram.


For a very limited time ALL upgrades are included in the cost. You’ll get the

advanced training, VIP mastermind community, even an EXTRA software to

make your profiles stand out.


Ready to take your affiliate marketing to the next level – TODAY?



As a site owner, you know that you need to provide value to your users and visitors to not only build a tribe but also to get that Google search engine love.

But producing content takes tons of time and a lot of money, whether it be you spending hours to write posts or you managing contractors and paying them to write posts. But there is a better faster and cheaper way…

Justin Anderson recently launched SpinnerBros to solve this exact dilemma. You see, with this service you put in an existing article you like – written by you, a contractor, PLR content, or from any source really – and it produces many, MANY unique versions in under 30 seconds.

This unique versions can be used on the same site to grab more long tail key word rankings or other sites you may own but don’t want to go to the trouble of writing articles AGAIN and AGAIN.

==> Go check out the Spinner Bros demo and see how easy it is to use. <==

Google Panda penalizes sites with poor quality metrics. Google also hates sites that are dead. Spinner Bros solves both of these problems.

We all know exactly how important it is to create content. Not only do our users expect new posts regularly, but Google actively penalizes you if your site appears dead.

Regular content publication is essential to keep both users and Google happy.

But writing blog posts takes SO much time – hours and hours for a good post. Luckily, article spinning is a tactic smart site owners have been using for years and it works amazingly well.

You see, with the right system in place you can feed a post into an article spinner and receive a totally unique article in under 30 seconds. This works on old blog posts you have, PLR content, news stories, or ANY content you find out on the web.

While this technology has been used successfully for some time, there is only ONE spinner I can recommend – SpinnerBros

They took a team of PhD artificial intelligence scientists and set to work analyzing BILLIONS of documents to learn exactly how to rewrite content most effectively and accurately. AND just as importantly put it into an interface so easy to use that even your grandmother could understand how to make it work.

Go take a look at how easy the system is to use and how you can start saving hours of time every week with copy writing.

==> Go check out the SpinnerBros  <==


This is a tool that every site owner should add to their toolbox, even if you don’t need it right this second.

Have you ever been told to just publish whatever you like and the traffic will come?

You’ve been told wrong.

BUT if you publish content on topics that can go viral, you can boost your traffic tremendously.
So, how do you go viral?
By taking advantage of the latest viral content tool on the market that actually produces results

== Trending Traffic ==

Trending Traffic makes it easy to discover viral content that you can publish on your own site and attract lots of visitors. (Who will also bring in a ton more by sharing the posts) Content that can be manually curated OR done on autopilot.
Here’s what makes Trending Traffic unique:

– Find the most viral content NOW so you can hop on trends
– Filter on site, keyword, most viral, and other options
– Full hands-off autopilot or manual curation
– MASSIVELY saves time writing high quality content

By using content already going viral, your page will suck in that traffic otherwise normal posts just won’t get.
If you want more traffic, more subscribers, and more sales, you can’t ignore Trending Traffic.

It’s the secret some of your competitors are using to bank hard by amassing a huge amount of traffic they can easily sell to.
== Check it out today and see its effectiveness ==

I guarantee it will exceed your expectations!

Lately, I’ve been getting really frustrated with my graphics.

You see, as a digital marketer, I relay on my presentation of my graphics to really help me get more leads and sales.

Now, typically, I run off to the freelance sites, get a designer to make me an ebook cover and in about 5 to 7 days, I’m ready to go.

So, frustrated by this, I decided to search for a solution that could allow me to create professional and high quality book covers that is both reasonable in price and time.

That is when I discovered this..

This amazing tool has revitalized my business by cutting tons of unnecessary costs and by drastically improving my lead times.

It’s called Pixel Studio FX and it’s simply the easiest and quickest way to get my designs done.

Now, all it takes is 60 seconds and a few clicks.

Today I get to enjoy beautifully crafted and professionally designed eBook covers without all the headaches and costs of dealign with a design team.

I’m not kidding, see for yourself here how easy Pixel Studio FX really is! 


Once I got a chance to really play around with Pixel Studio FX I immediately knew this tool would quickly become one of the most valued tools in my internet marketing arsenal.

And since using PSFX, I have seen an increase in my opt-ins and sales while at the same time saving thousands of dollars in design costs that I would be normally outsourcing.

So if you are looking for beautiful graphics but don’t have the design experience for it, then let Pixel Studio FX do all the hard work for you.

Just sit back relax and enjoy your brand new graphics.

Go check out PSFX here 


I am going to tell you about the the most profitable
social media platform that will explode your profits
with REAL buying traffic and REAL conversions..
IT’S not Facebook, it’s not snapchat, it’s not Instagram..
‘Non-Buyer Traffic’ will run up your costs and make your business unprofitable
Switch to the ‘Buyer’s Social Network’ – TWITTER!
Get Targeted, High-Quality Traffic From Twitter With TrafficSnap

Twitter is the #1 network for business to customer communication
and TrafficSnap tap into the

Bring at least 30% more PURCHASE MINDED people in your
marketing reach with TrafficSnap that automates the
process of driving highly targeted, money spending
Tap into a massive buyer’s space who follow Twitter for
product recommendations, buying guidance,to check brand
reputation, and evenpost their own experiences about product.
Do it with TrafficSnap – The Best Automation & Marketing Tool
For Twitter.
And it’s laughably easy to use!
=> Add All Your Twitter Accounts.
=> Setup TrafficSnap’s powerful automation for the accounts.
=> Spend just some minutes every week monitoring and calibrating your traffic.
No other Twitter software will drive you insane amount of traffic at such
ease of use and even at a price that’s laughably low!
Still need more reasons?
Have a look at more of its amazing features:
=> Complete control over your Twitter feeds.
Reply, Retweet and engage with all your twitter
account followers from one interface.
=> Find qualified leads by monitoring specialized
keywords & hashtags and getting new tweets as they
appear for them.
=> Connect your twitter to RSS feeds, Youtube or get
tweets from twitter itself for unlimited fresh content forever.
=> Auto-reply, retweet or follow based on keywords and
hashtags to create a powerful and targeted presence on
twitter without working for it.
=> Schedule your tweets for future dates and even
set up repeat tweets based on intervals.
=> Tweet images and multimedia content for higher engagement.
=> Bulk Reply! Select and send a reply to everyone who has
tweeted using your keywords. This is HOT traffic with buyers
who are looking for products in your niche now.
=> Bulk Reply! Select and send a reply to everyone who has
tweeted using your keywords. This is HOT traffic with buyers
who are looking for products in your niche now.
Get the most complete twitter marketing SAAS
Go ahead and make Twitter work for you harder than it has ever before.

traffic snap fb

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I am a firm believer in content marketing. After all the Internet is made
upd of content, and content marketing is still the best way to get
organic traffic, more than even social media.
So why is everyone giving up?
Because they don’t have any clue, and they don’t have this

This is SEONeos, an SEO fixing software developed by a couple of wizards
who are still killing it with content day after day, month after month.
They are racking up some crazy stats. Hundreds of thousands of visitors
every month on their websites!
I am not surprised because with this tool they know exactly what to do
with their SEO, and they have a very special superpower – The power to
get rid of their bad backlinks.
So you know what? They are not affected by Panda, they are not affected
by Penguin. While the rest of the world is crying rivers about how SEO
is not working, they are going to the bank with SEONeos.
SEONeos is the ONLY complete SEO software that fixes both Penguin and
Panda penalties from Google by doing a comprehensive analysis of your
site and telling you what exactly to fix.
Look at the features
On Page SEO
– Check any website or URL for SEO health.
– Runs 42 checks on every page making sure it is ready to rank. That
includes keywords quality, keyword density, headers, html quality,
mobile responsiveness, page speed, and so many-many more!
– Generates a report telling you exactly what’s wrong and how you
can fix it.
Off Page SEO
– Gets backlinks from Google, 100% on the auto
– Checks each domain and URL on over 35 factors to find out if
it is bad.
– Tells you which domains and URLs are bad along with complete
details and disclosure.
– Generates a number of reports including domain analysis, URL
analysis, and even a Google compatible Disavow file!
There’s nothing like this tool on the market at all, so you’re your
marketing a great damage if you don’t check it out.

If you want to make sure your SEO is profitable, check this software
out. You’re sure to be amazed!

So don’t forget to get more info HERE 

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There’s no better way to passive online profits than getting
free passive traffic day-in and day-out.

And right now the hottest way to get this traffic is through
GIF images.

Viewers enjoy these GIFs because they’re high quality entertaining content and this leads to a staggering result:

Up to 3x More Traffic, Revenue & Sales Than Traditional Ads
At Least 2x More Likely To Grab A Visitor’s Attention (combats ad blindness)

What if you could tap into all that and get more traffic than
ever before (all for FREE) and absolutely crush your competition…


… without ever having to create, research or publish a single GIF yourself?

➔ Watch how you can do it now!

The newly released SmartSocial is tapping into this entirely new, entirely FREE way of getting traffic that NO marketers are currently exploiting. That means YOU can get in at the ground level – and start making money from DAY ONE!

With just 1 click you can tap into:

[+] the most powerful free platform no one tells you about
[+] using our cloud based drag & drop software that does it all for you
[+] breakthrough technology that turns VIDEOS into GIFs
[+] step by step actionable training & 24/7 Premium Support

These GIFs have been proven to work incredibly well at
dominating social media and bringing in heaps of revenue and traffic.

=> watch all the proof right here
The process is REALLY simple

All you need is 3 steps:

#1 Open our cloud-based interface

#2 Research viral GIFs, edit them easily using our drag&drop solution

#3 Publish and enjoy guaranteed free traffic


smart social fb

==> Go ahead and get access here

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So you’re into video marketing right?

If you’re not, I’m about to give you a very solid reason to be…

What if I told you, I could get your video’s more exposure and more engagement FOR FREE?

That’s right! You’d snap my hand off for the secret!

Well, it’s no secret, it’s a tool. And it is possible!

You can enhance your video’s reach at no cost by tapping into Facebooks vulnerability
ethically. You see…

Facebook is at logger heads with the universe when it comes down to LIVE streaming.
Periscope/Snap chat/Youtube Live Events and the rest of the live streaming world.

So Facebook Live is taking over the Internet… And get this.

Introducing… FB LIVE Engagenator. Click Here To See The Good Stuff 

This is a VERY easy product to use. That can make all of the above happen. FAST.

There’s many bonuses to using the F.L.E software.

+NO MONTHLY FEES EVER – You know exactly what your costs are with no hidden extras
or surprises that you haven’t budgeted for.

+INCREDIBLY SIMPLE TO USE PC SOFTWARE – if you can switch on a PC, you can use our
software. No time wasted on a lengthy learning curve, get to work right away.

+ACCESS TO OUR FACEBOOK MEMBERS GROUP – stay up to date with the absolute best methods
to gain engagement and views. Get the support you need.

+NO NEED TO BE ON CAMERA OR CELL PHONE – we’re not all born actors and we understand
that not everyone wants to be in front of the camera. With our help, you don’t need to be.

+STREAM DIRECTLY FROM YOUR DESKTOP TO THE WORLD – if you have a windows based computer,
you have all you need to be successful – we show you how.

As you’ll see. there’s a ton of benefits using F.L.E! But there’s more!

live engage fb



Of all the myths floating around out there, one of the biggies is that free

traffic doesn’t work.

Tell that to my friend Luke and he’ll laugh. Why?

Because he’s been making 6 figures PER fan page with 100% zero cost

FB traffic.


> Let Him Show You Here!

Somehow he’s developed a software that taps into unlimited, targeted FB

users in any niche. WITHOUT having to pay for a single ad.

It may sound unbelievable, but you can’t deny the proof. Complete beginners

have gone from zero to five figures per month using nothing but this software.

I highly recommend you check it out.

Literally automate ANY online business model. In minutes.

100% approved by FB and extensively tested and proven for months.

Don’t miss your chance.

Remember, this is the all­in­one traffic and automation tool that’s fully

approved by FB and doesn’t require paid ads.

You can plug any offer or business model in, then enjoy automated profits.

This is the EXACT software responsible for MULTIPLE testers cranking

out 5 figures or more per month.

> The Time To Act Is Now!

octo fb



There’s only one secret to email marketing success – Inboxing! It should come to you
without breaking your bank, or breaking your back.
Sadly, the common experience is that email marketing is insanely complicated because
there’s no reliable way to send emails consistently and get them to inbox.

The autoresponders are no help. They deliver
late, have low open rates, and do not allow
list imports. That’s why when I saw this
new email marketing method I decided I’ll
upgrade to it right away.
It’s Email Jeet. A brand-new pathbreaking
email marketing automation software that
gives you autoresponder level features
right on your desktop PC. All you need
to do is plug your list in, and you’re
ready to roll.
Email Jeet is now LIVE! & it’s so much
superior to any other email tool you’ve
Click here to see it in action.

All you need is two minutes to install this powerful software will make sure you
get better delivery rates and better inboxing than all your competition.
And yes, without the hassles.

Import your list instantly, start mailing.

Never experience downtime again!
Just check out the features
=> Universal plug and play support for any SMTP in the world. Just put it in
and start mailing.
=> In-built SMTP server so you can send mails without a SMTP right from your
VPS or server without nothing else but
Email Jeet.
=> Guaranteed better deliverability than autoresponders as Email Jeet will
give you access to professional SMTPs.
=> Save money sending mails through cheaper SMTPs, or using your hosting’s
=> 100% safe and secure as your list stays with you.
=> Supports mail sequencing and autoresponder triggers.
=> Full support for opt-in forms. Build your list with Email Jeet
without any monthly charge.
=> Gives spam score reviews, clicks and opens reports.
=> Complete list management and unsubscribe compliance.
=> Allows you to send mails in fragments to a targeted list.
=> No break in service as it’s a desktop based mailing app.
=> No need to buy hosting space or upload anything!
=> No monthly fee, just a small one time fee for a lifetime of hassle
free mailing.
=> Works well for both small/big list owners, as it gives total control,
flexibility and saves lots of money.
Email Jeet is on sale right now. You
can save a lot of money! It’s going
to be more expensive soon, so don’t
miss the offer.

Check it out now!
email jeet 2 fb

Don’t miss this utility if you are looking at guaranteed top conversions
with this set and forget desktop mailing solution.

We also have some nice Bonuses for you Take A Look @ our Special Bonus Offer


It’s an easy to use
editor that allows you
to do something that
was previously unheard

…you can edit ANY of your
websites – html, WordPress
Clickfunnels, ANYTHING
within one dashboard.

You only require one login
and you can add up to
50 websites and edit
them without a developer
or a designer all at

Sound good? Well it gets

It’s name is: Revamply

It’s a NEXT GEN editing

It’s Drag N Drop and
updates your website
automatically as you
make changes inside
of the dashboard.

Here’s how it works:

1 – Log into the cloud-based software

Select the website you want to
edit (Can be any website)
then click “Revamp”

2 – Edit your website as you want

Use the drag and drop editor to
add elements, customize existing
ones, even change the entire
look and feel of your site

3 – Publish Your Changes In 1 Click

Preview your changes, then publish and
you’re done – a completely updated,
edited site in minutes

Whats really cool is once
you’ve added the ‘Revamply
embed code to your website
you never have to update
it again.

The changes you make inside
of Revamply update instantly
in LIVE time.

revamply fb

Check it out now !

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I wanted to tell you about an amazing new ad technology that i’m using for a while now.

Pixal HTML5 Banner Builder ( and management app )

The creators of this program are long term online marketers with over 40 years online experience between them.

When doing the tests with this brand new ad technology they found that clicks from their new banners and graphics increased by over 300% – 500 % in multiple tests. I changed the banners on my sites/ blogs so i really tested it. Maybe you can see one or more of them on this page to. – all the “moving” banners are built & managed ( rotate , so on ) in the Pixal App

Yep you read that right, same traffic, but more clicks to your offers.

So what was this amazing technology they where using?

Introducing Pixal, a brand new HTML5 ad and graphics creator which has been in development for over 1 year.

—>> Check out the demo video :

—>> Check out the Sales Page here

Now what is Pixal?

It’s a HTML5 banner and ad creator that creates interactive banners and graphics with some amazing features built in. It has a full media library with over 250,000 graphics to use in designs with more being added all the time.

It has an embed and banner rotator built in with full statistics, plus here are just a few of the amazing features:

▪ Tons of different fonts to use
▪ Animated text
▪ Transitions built in for any element
▪ Add video to the banners/graphics
▪ Add shapes and edit them
▪ Built in 3D button creator
▪ Built in menu creator
▪ Add in live Shopify buttons
▪ Geo IP personalise the banners and ads
▪ Add in autoresponder forms
▪ Add in Google maps
▪ In app image editor
▪ In app image filters
▪ Built in popup creator
▪ Create campaigns and split test them
▪ Banner and graphic rotator
▪ East to use drag and drop functionality
▪ Plus many more features

The great thing about this software is that it not only builds the banners and graphics, but it hosts them for you too, but you can also add them into the campaign manager (which they are now including as a bonus for free). In there you can split test, rotate, check clicks and much more, of any banners and graphics you create.

So … just take another look at the sales page and get your copy TODAY !

pixal fb



Are you tired of fighting to glue together different video editing software to create amazing explainer videos…

… That convert viewers into buyers?

Yeah, me too.

That’s why I was particularly excited to get an email announcing the much-anticipated release of:

“ToonVidio – The World’s First (that’s right) 2D AND 3D Video Animation Software”

Yes… that’s right… this is 3D Animation Software!

So you can finally make amazing movie-style 3D animated

videos to promote your business – like this:


Make your own 3D animated videos like video salesletters …

explainer videos … upsell videos … product demos …

tutorials… list building videos … viral facebook videos…

infomercials… web commercials… and so much more!

With “ToonVidio”, it’s a SNAP!

Because everything is point & click…drag & drop… EASY!

I promise, you need to know NOTHING about 3D … or animation … or even video editing!

Because the makers of “ToonVidio” already know:

The average small-business owner doesn’t have time to learn this stuff … or want to pay someone $1,000s to do it

for them.

So they’ve made the ENTIRE software 1-2-3 easy to use.

Plus—you can access a *massive* 2D & 3D library filled with an endless supply of 1000+ characters, objects,

backgrounds, stages, and themes …

Click here to view samples of 2D & 3D characters included in your ToonVidio Animation Library.

… Everything you need to create your first 3D movie.

But that’s not all:

“ToonVidio” also includes “Human Metrics” technology that measures the emotional response of the audience watching!

YES! It will actually TELL YOU if your audience is happy…sad… disgusted… distracted… bored… all while

watching your video!

Priceless information you can use to be 100% confident every video you create is a PROVEN moneymaker!

Never waste money on ineffective video ads again!

Now if you’re like me, by this point you’re probably thinking:


But NEW 3D Animation Technology + Human Metrics???

It sounds expensive, right??? Good news. It’s not.

Just take a look for yourself … and order your copy today !


toon video fb



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Social media websites attract insane amounts of traffic these days.

I won’t be wrong to say that they are almost all of the web.

Take sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+,
every day they get billions of visitors together, that’s
why they are the best source of organic traffic.

The trouble is, it’s not easy to get that traffic. You’ll
need to update multiple accounts over multiple social
networks, and make sure all of them are supplied with
content regularly.

You could work all day, and still not get anything done
or you can use this software.

Click on the link to check it out

OR Watch a demo video

This is InstaViral, a web based software that creates viral images on 100% automatic mode, and then posts them to 15 high traffic websites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Mobypic, Flickr, WordPress, etc.

This will help you in the following ways

1. Get you more free traffic from social media websites.

2. Create automated content to power your social media presence.

3. Get you more likes & engagement on your accounts.

4. Get you higher rankings and more organic traffic by creating quality backlinks that help you rank higher. Have a look at the features

=> Web based SAAS runs on any OS or computer.

=> Ultra-powerful image editor churns out custom viral images/quotes on the fly.

=> Feed in backgrounds, quotes database and generate endless unique viral images 100% automatically.

=> Automatically posts images to top social media and image sharing sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Imageshack, Mobypic, and so many more!

=> Supports custom frames, and custom text styles. Image randomization makes sure each image is unique and distinct from any other!

=> Penguin & Panda safe traffic strategy.

=> Supports caption & quotes database, and CSV files.

=> Full control with Scheduling, drip feeding so that you can take a vacation while it works.

There’s nothing else that parallels InstaViral in power or reach, plus it’s totally hassle-free and hands- free.

Just set it up once and it works on autopilot.

instaviral2 fb


Click here to see InstaViral in action 

Everyday, more people are turning to social networks NOT just to check out cat videos …

But to actually BUY stuff. Recent studies show that social platforms have a huge impact on purchase decisions. They’re catching up to top search engines in terms of influencing buyers.

70% of buyers head to Pinterest BEFORE deciding what to buy.

How do we turn this shift into our advantage?

> Watch This Video To See How!

Pindrill is a cloud­based software, the 1st of its kind to monetize your social media accounts for you.

Here’s a summary of what it does and how:

=> the software scrapes your existing blogs, sites or eCom stores, then creates engaging image style posts out of every article or

=> works with WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Etsy, Tumblr & Blogger

=> even if you DON’T have a blog or store, you can create posts from inside the dash to promote affiliate or CPA offers

=> then it spreads your ‘rich pin’ style posts across ALL your social media networks ­ including FB, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn,
Pinterest & Instagram

=> publish posts immediately or schedule them to drip feed content

=> and this brings floods of fresh, targeted traffic straight to your offers

There’s nothing on the market even close. Pindrill monetizes your accounts and automates the process.

eCom vendors can literally have entire stores duplicated and shared across social media in minutes.

Affiliate & CPA marketers can get in front of targeted traffic at zero cost.

Complete beginners can start making money from scratch.

There’s all kinds of proof on the page, as well as a demo video showing you exactly how it works.

> This Is The Future Of Social Media Profits!

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Go get yours.

Explaindio Video FX transforms any mediocre looking video into an eye catching blockbuster
that skyrockets conversion from viewers to subscribers and buyers.

It is your 3-step solution to awesome videos!

+ Just Drag & Drop Video, Choose Visual Effect, And Click Start
+ 40 Amazing Build-In Customizable Video Effects (pro)
+ Turns Dull Video Into A Shining Attention Grabber Star
+ Unlimited Source of Blurred Video Backgrounds
+ No Experience Required – Super Easy To Use
+ Commercial License To Produced Videos

Very nifty software. It is quick and easy with very usable effects for adding variety to videos. This is very affordable
software that easily achieves visually enticing results without having to navigate the Internet for how-tos (as is often
necessary for Adobe After Effects that can force even experienced users to dig around the Internet to find how-tos for even very
basic operations)

Take a look for yourself


Ok, so it’s December 9 and Viral Autobots has now gone live.

Now it’s time to click the CLICK HERE to learn to:

  • Have your fan pages going as Viral as Justin Bieber (literally) by being seen by millions of targeted users instantly.
  • Grow 6 figure fan pages & have a Facebook of reach of over 1 million people in less then a week (proof here).
  • Start driving tidal waves of extremely targeted people to your fan pages & sites with 1 click.
  • Create huge viral social accounts with fans coming in on autopilot (for free).

Like I mentioned in the previous email, if there was one single product I’d recommend to pick up out of this entire year, this is the one as it simply just gets results for FREE.

Like I said in the previous email, I am always sceptical when new products came out, but this one 100% blew my brains when I actually put it into action.

So what I’m going to get you to do now is:

Watch a video where Luke shows you all the key features including some key results (1 million people reach and 5 figure income earning fan page that was created just a few days ago sounds nice right?)

viral autobots

Get Viral Autobots at the cheapest price that it will EVER be (this is a 80% discount TODAY ONLY) & get my $500+ Of Bonuses you will see on the following page.



What if I told you today you can not only grow your Facebook Fan Page 100% autopilot (literally set & forget and have your fan page and updates going viral instantly, while sending truck loads of traffic to your door for FREE.

‘Tis true.

Up until recent years, SEO traffic (ranking sites for specific keywords) was the only way to get good amounts of target traffic to your pages. Now, Social media has now opened a flood gate of potential traffic, IF you know how to use it correctly.

Viral Autobots is the first & Only All In 1 Facebook Fan Page Web software that sends your fan page posts viral instantly for free. It’s created social media underdog Luke Maguire.

Lukes constant goal has to release products that can drive free organic traffic to your target sites, and with Viral Autobots launching TODAY, this is no doubt THE most powerful cloud based web software I have EVER seen.

Earlier this week he even created a brand new fan page on DOGS and within just a few days has reached over a million followers and created a 4 figure a week income earner in a niche he knows nothing about with Viral Autobots…

Why is everyone talking about it? Because Viral Autobots:

  • Enables to you have your business go VIRAL instantly & start to make 4-5 figures a WEEK with FREE viral traffic.
  • Have your Facebook fan page be seen by millions of people every week ORGANICALLY for FREE.
  • Never need to pay for a Facebook Advert (or any paid advertising for that matter) again
  • Be able to do this over and over again within under 10 minutes?

Not only that, it’s backed up with stacks of proof (how’s a set and forget your fan pages to make 10k a month on autopilot).

How often do you scroll through your news feed and see a viral update, video or image that has millions of shares, likes and comments?

Probably every single day. These updates make the pages attached to them a LOT of money, and this is what Viral Autobots is going to do for you in literally a few minutes.

Imagine what it would be like for YOU to have your fan page posts be seen by millions of people and have tens of thousands of targeted hits on your chosen sites, pages, opt ins, CPA offers and deals.

This is exactly what Viral Autobots does and will have targeted traffic coming to your site 24/7.

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Now you know all about it, Viral Autobots will not only completely change how you get traffic to your sites, but it will do it 100% FREE!

Nothing better then getting organic, free traffic right?

If you act now, you can save yourself 80% off the sales price. This won’t last though so you need to act now as Luke is going to raise the price TODAY.

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p.p.s. this is 100% risk free to try out and is a no brainer as you will see in the live demo in a second. You could come back next week but the price will be $97 per MONTH, so don’t say ‘what if’, check it out now

How To Create UNLIMITED Guru-Level Covers And Realistic Mockups In Just Minutes . . .

No Design Skills Required. No Expensive Outsource Fees. No Monthly Fees.

So you’ve got a great piece of content to share. Be it a video, blog or social media post. You upload it, wait for people and hope they’ll take action to either subscribe or buy something from you.
But there’s a good shot that they won’t be taking action at all – at least not without a good product 3D cover design to add into your call to action right within your content.

When you get a visitor visits your site, it’s critical you gain their interest and visual respect. The 3D cover design you use on your videos, blogs or posts need to be professional and up to date.

Yesterday a brand new software which creates impressive 3D images just went live!

They’ve been some amazing feedback and it also made Product of the Day in the market place.

This software is all about simplicity and professional level digital design.

>>> See all the details by watching this video demo right here 

Professional cover mockups is essential in any niche. Now you can easily and quickly create photorealistic covers without expensive outsource fees or design skills required.

It’s all done right within Cover Genie Pro!



Get Instant Access Now!

Imagine being able to instantly  create:
[+] Banners
[+] Logos
[+] Business cards
[+] Infographics
[+] Blog post graphics
[+] Facebook fan page cover s
[+] Facebook posts
[+] Flyers…
[+]Ad images
[+]Email header graphics
[+]Website headers
[+]Google posts
[+]Twitter posts
[+]Pinterest pins
[+] Custom graphics
You name it…
Well TODAY that’s exactly what  you can begin doing with the BEST
graphics software app “MoonPixlar”!
moonpixlar 640
There has NEVER been an easier  way for you to brand yourself as an
EXPERT in your industry online through  custom graphics than with MoonPixlar!
You’re going to LOVE it!

As a marketer you are probably aware of the fact that content is an ESSENTIAL part of every online business.

You need it for your money sites. You also can’t do SEO without it. However, it can be very expensive. Writers charge up to $10 per 500 word article. And you need THOUSANDS of articles to get anywhere!

Luckily, article spinners are making the life of every marketer much easier. You just need to make sure that you use the best one. This way, you can generate UNLIMITED content — almost FREE.

There is only one article spinner I can recommend at the moment — you guessed it, it’s Spin Rewriter.

Spin Rewriter rewrites content on paragraph, word and sentence level. It also turns sentences around and makes sure that only appropriate synonyms are used. You can check all of its crazy features in the video right here.

Spin Rewriter has been around for more than 3 years (that’s an ETERNITY in Internet Marketing!) and in this time, it became PERFECT. What’s more, Aaron (the guy behind all this) is just launching the 6.0 version.

Aaron added a special ARTICLE GENERATING ALGORITHM to Spin Rewriter 6.0. This algorithm makes sure that the generated articles are even more unique, and even more readable — if that was even possible!

Because they are just launching it, you can get in with their special 60% launch discount. And that’s not all… Guys at Spin Rewriter have also prepared a special “34-Days to 7,000 Daily Visitors” blueprint. It’ll show you how to use UNLIMITED CONTENT for SEO purposes. For 34 days, step by step. Get it here:

This special offer is only valid for another 4 days. Grab it now while there’s still time!

… There’s also a 5-DAYAL avai FREE TRIlable!


P.S. When you sign up for Spin Rewriter today, you’ll also LOCK IN your lifetime discount. This way, you are guaranteed to pay no more for Spin Rewriter in the future than you are paying now.

P.P.S. During this launch period Aaron is also offering a special bonus tool that will make sure everything is OK with your websites all the time. This can save you a LOT of money. Get the whole package here

It’s so so important to have an updated, fresh, clean website that functions seemlesly with your WordPress Install.

However.. We ALL know it’s not so simple, it’s a battle.. It’s either too time consuming to do, or impossible due to technical ability.

=> Find Out More here <=  

This Prostyler Theme has been known to dwarf any competing theme out there…


With “one click” installs, PS cannot be bestest.. along with  a page builder plugin that auto installs with the theme itself it saves you time and effort when searching for it.   The features built into PS are varied, efficient and easy to use..

These help you to recreate ANY website you like the look of and  within no time at all.

The PS Theme Team have tried and tested this theme to the best  of our abilities to ensure the theme works flawlessly and to a high level of quality.

Here’s the Demo – See How Easy It all Works! <=

So, you’re wondering “What Features?” huh.. I thought so..

Here’s a list of just some:  

Easily Insert Galleries: Its point and click easy just pick your pictures and drop  them in the page ready to open up in lightbox!

Responsive On All Devices: Never lose a mobile customer again!

The theme works on ALL  devices right out of the box!  

Shortcode Magic: If you want to make your web pages sparkle then you can choose from hundreds of different shortcodes to give your pages the “wow” factor.

The Best Admin Panel!: Comfortably work your way around the admin panel & quickly customize your theme to your exact requirements.

FOUR Instant Presets: With just two clicks you can completely transform Pro Styler with one of the four ready made presets giving you a foundation to customize further!

Header Customization: 3 different header layout options are ready to go. From there  you can quickly readjust your logo, add social icons and much more!

Endless Color: Change the color scheme throughout the whole theme with our  advanced color selectors found in the powerful options panel.

Responsive Image Slider: Create stunning slides for your website that work on every  device. Add images, video and animation to really keep your  audience hooked!

One Page Website: If you’re an internet marketer that only requires one page  sites to make money then add a section element, add it to  your menu and you’re done

Honestly… I could go on and on and on.. infact! There’s no point…   Just See MORE Here! <=   I can’t keep writing all the features..

Have you seen Qilio 2.0 yet? 

If not, you should check it out, because EVERYONE is raving about it.
(Truth be told, I sort of consider myself their #1 fan right now...)


This thing is THE BOMB. If you have been doing FB marketing for a while,
you may recall their big announcement, which bummed out a lot of FB marketers
like myself. 

They BANNED the super-valuable  scheduling capability!

You used to be able to set up your  posts in advance, but then they cut off access to that function!!!  
Well, guess what? They just brought it back, this time forever! 

This video explains everything

Inside, you will get a metric ton of high-converting post templates designed to get you guaranteed clicks ...

You will bring a ton of targeted leads to your FB fan page ...

And you will grow faster than you  ever thought was possible!

My fan page added 600 new Likes in just 24 hours. THAT'S FAST.

Like... SUPER fast.

You can get results like these, too! 
And here is how.

I love the user interface! So GET ON IT right now, because if you do so later,
you're going to be up against a TON of competitors. But if you do it right
now, you'll be among the first to  take advantage of this time-tested 
Facebook technology.

Imagine what you could do with all three of these elements – full motion video, animation and whiteboard sketch – in one video.
You could build massive converting videos for yourself, for sale and for affiliate products couldn’t you?

Well, that’s exactly what you can do with Explaindio Video
Creator – and, best of all, with this software program you
don’t need any video production experience to use it –
that’s right, it allows even complete beginners to create
professional quality video with a few simple mouse clicks.

And that’s not all that separates Explaindio Video Creator from
the competition. When you get this software, you also gain access
to an amazing marketplace where you can instantly get your hands on:

o Premade slide packs which you can use to spice up your own

o Entire pre-made projects that are essentially “fill-in-the-blank,” full videos.

box design

Explaindio Video Creator and its companion marketplace make it
possible for businesses and professionals supporting businesses to
quickly and easily create completely unique video without any
technical knowledge – and if you are not using video you are
missing the chance to run video ads, which are more effective and
often have much better ROI than other marketing methods.

Just visit the link below now to get your copy of this software at
a very special low price.


Get Explaindio Video Creator NOW  for a one-time payment.

That’s right, you can get lifetime use of this powerful software program for a one-time low payment.

Just visit the link below now to get your copy of this software at the special low price.

Email Jeet

What’s better than 10K visitors on your blog?

Are you panicking? Well, I am because I know Google hates SEO
and step-by-step they are eliminating every single SEO trick
that has ever been discovered or can be discovered.

That’s why I think it’s a good idea to not have all the beans
in the SEO basket. You should have an alternative… A plan B.
Check out list building. If you aren’t already building a list
you’re really hurting your business.

The MONEY is in the list. As a marketer I can’t count the number
of times I’ve heard this… And I personally that it’s true.

The problem is… A web based autoresponder is really hard to
manage… It’s complicated and it’s picky, but everyone had to use
it because there was no desktop based software.

 There is one now. check out Email Jeet 


This software is a lifesaver for newbies and experienced marketers
alike. It gives you the power to mail your list right from your
desktop! That’s so accessible!

# Just feed it a list, and it can mail.
# Connect with any professional mail service or SMTP
# Advanced features like Throttling, and scheduling

It’s just launched, and it’s on a special promo right now so you can
grab it for a seriously low price. I mean more than 75% off the
actual price after the launch.

So if you are ready to make list-building a revenue source for yourself
and prepared for some extra money on the side… This software is just
the tool you need.

Don’t forget to watch the demo! 

Currently, there’s nothing like this in the market. No desktop based
product that can do this… And certainly not one at this price.

Grab it while the offer still lasts!

P.S. If you’ve gotten till here without watching that demo, just stop everything and watch it. You’re going to love what you see.


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Logo Genie Pro

How To Easily Create Guru-Level Graphics & Images In Just Minutes!

How To Use Logo Genie Pro In 3 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Choose Template
With over 300 ready-made templates to choose from, you can perpetually create an UNLIMITED variety of logos and images on just about anything under the sun!

STEP 2: Edit The Logo
Customize your logo with different colors, font type and size, and even add in your own custom image.

STEP 3: You’re Done!
Save your final product in PNG, JPG or GIF format. If you want to use your image for offline printing, we recommend you save your image in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format.

And what if you want to save your half complete work? No problem! You can save your project and return to your account later to continue your masterpiece.

Logo Genie Pro is versatile, offering you flexible choices with your logo design.


Click on the Photo for more information


This is for you if you want to have a logo for your website, product or business…

But at the same time you don’t have Photoshop – or you’re just not good at using it.

This software suite lets you create your own shiny-looking, high definition logos – just pointing and clicking around!

Seeing is believing – it’s best for you to preview some examples here:

=> http://metpromotion.biz/fb/LogoGeniePro

There’s also a quick video that demonstrates how this

FYI logos usually cost around $100 above to be designed
and I know this because I use to pay around that much
for my logos.

In comparison, this is an absolute money and time-saver
PLUS hey, you could be the one charging $100s for every
logo you make for your clients (but don’t tell them
this is your secret weapon!)